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'Bringing internet prices to the autogas industry' are a major stockist and supplier of low cost, latest specification autogas tanks here in the uk. We hold over 1000 Stako & GZWM Tanks of both single and 4 hole types, making us one of, if not, the largest UK distributors of Stako, GZWM, WVM, Atrama or Tugra LPG autogas tanks here in the UK.  

As we are solely internet based, all our business is mail order and thus our delivery charges are usually way below any other supplier and having collections at 5pm means late orders can be placed by you for next day delivery by Citylink.  We even put together pallet deliveries for next day deliveries if you'd rather order in bulk to take advantage of our bulk discount prices,  alternatively we have access to our own group delivery vehicles making us the only autogas tank supplier in the UK with it's very own vehicles operation in the UK on a daily basis, again offering deliveries direct to you from Autogas tanks at reduced prices.

Please remember as well as trade distributor, we are also a supplier to other autogas equipment suppliers.  We have many customer whom fit other makes of gas equipment and who simply buy tanks from us, we are always happy to quote for the supply of your tanks and that can be a single tank upto complete pallets.

We also believe we hold the largest variation in tank sizes in the UK and offer cylinders from 10 ltrs  right up to 230 ltr and 34 ltr toroidal (spare wheel shape) up to the large 102 ltr toroidals.  We even have the vertical toroidals from 47 ltr up to 88 ltr.

All our 4 hole tanks come pre valved with quality E67.01 Ceodeux valves and a WVM airtight box already fitted.  We do have Stako' s own type of air box's available if you require your tank with this type fitted but please advise at ordering.

We can supply the 4 hole tanks unvalved if you require, just ask.

If you would like one of our tank size fliers or a copy of our tank price list, simply E-mail us with your name, company (if you have one), and we'll get a password & user name to you by return E-mail.


All our equipment is to the latest regulations of E67.01.  this includes the tanks, fillpoints and accessories we also supply.

NEW GZWM 4 hole tanks.

Check out the new GZWM 102 ltr 4 hole toroidal tanks.  The size is 720mm diam X 300mm Height.  They come with top mounts, are fully valved and come with the WVM airboxes already fitted.  If you would like to try one we are very confident you'll agree the quality is of the same high standard that you'd expect from Stako. 


We accept payment by credit card, debit card, Pay pal or bank transfer, giving you complete satisfaction and security on our products and secure payments. If you are not a pay pal user you can still use pay pal and do not need to register with them.

Time to order?

The tank capacities quoted below are water capacities. LPG tanks are filled to 80% only with liquid gas. For example, if you have an 60 ltr tank, it will hold 48 litres of lpg.

The following list shows the tank shapes and sizes we normally stock, obviously this can change on a daily basis so if you want to order from us,  please e-mail to check current stock level



sizes in mm

1-hole cylindrical tanks 30 degrees

LPG TANK 10ltr.x200x382 MV

LPG TANK 30ltr.x200x1052 MV

LPG TANK 36ltr.x244x860 MV

LPG TANK 52ltr.x244x1200 MV

LPG TANK 30ltr.x270x607 MV

LPG TANK 35ltr.x270x699 MV

LPG TANK 45ltr.x270x884 MV

LPG TANK 55ltr.x270x1069 MV

LPG TANK 55ltr.x300x869 MV

LPG TANK 70ltr.x300x1088 MV

LPG TANK 40ltr.x315x599 MV

LPG TANK 60ltr.x315x869 MV

LPG TANK 100ltr.x315x1409 MV

LPG TANK 50ltr.x360x582 MV

LPG TANK 60ltr.x360x686 MV

LPG TANK 70ltr.x360x789 MV

LPG TANK 80ltr.x360x996 MV

LPG TANK 90ltr.x360x996 MV

LPG TANK 90ltr.x400x847 MV

LPG TANK 100ltr.x400x930 MV

LPG TANK 110ltr.x400x1014 MV

LPG TANK 120ltr.x400x1097 MV

Four-hole (cylinder)


sizes in mm

4 hole valved tanks fully valved & including vapour tight box

TANK 30ltr.x200x1052
TANK 30ltr.x230x809
TANK 47ltr.x230x1245
TANK 45ltr.x270x884
TANK 40ltr.x300x646
TANK 45ltr.x300x720
TANK 50ltr.x300x793
TANK 60ltr.x300x940
TANK 70ltr.X300X1088
TANK 110ltr.x315x1544
TANK 40ltr.x315x599
TANK 50ltr.x315x734
TANK 55ltr.x315x802
TANK 60ltr.x315x869
TANK 70ltr.x315x1004
TANK 50ltr.x360x582
TANK 55ltr.x360x632
TANK 60ltr.x360x686
TANK 70ltr.x360x789
TANK 80ltr.x360x892
TANK 85ltr.x360x944
TANK 90ltr.x360x996
TANK 100ltr.x360x1099
TANK 110ltr.x360x1203
TANK 120ltr.x360x1307
TANK 130ltr.x360x1411
TANK 140ltr.x360x1515
TANK 90ltr.x400x847
TANK 100ltr.x400x930
TANK 110ltr.x400x1014
TANK 120ltr.x400x1097
TANK 130ltr.x400x1180
TANK 150ltr.x400x1347
TANK 170ltr.x400x1514
TANK 180ltr.x400x1597
TANK 200ltr.x400x1764
TANK 120ltr.x450x861
TANK 140ltr.x450x990
TANK 160ltr.x450x1119
TANK 180ltr.x450x1248
TANK 200ltr.x450x1378
TANK 230ltr.x450x1571

Toroidal 30 deg MV internal


Sizes in mm

1 hole tanks 30 degrees multivalve internal
RINGT. 36ltr.x520x225 MV intern
RINGT. 34ltr.x565x180 MV intern
RINGT. 40ltr.x580x200 MV intern
RINGT. 46ltr.x580x225 MV Intern
RINGT. 39ltr.x600x190 MV Intern
RINGT. 42ltr.x600x200 MV intern
RINGT. 47ltr.x600x220 MV intern
RINGT. 49ltr.x600x230 MV intern
RINGT. 54ltr.x600x250 MV intern
RINGT. 59ltr.x600x270 MV intern
RINGT. 47ltr.x630x204 MV intern
RINGT. 53ltr.x630x225 MV intern
RINGT. 60ltr.x630x250 MV intern
RINGT. 65ltr.x630x270 MV intern
RINGT. 50ltr.x650x200 MV intern
RINGT. 55ltr.x650x220 MV intern
RINGT. 61ltr.x650x240 MV intern
RINGT. 70ltr.x650x270 MV intern
RINGT. 88ltr.x720x270 MV intern

Full Toroidal (single hole 0 deg and four-hole sizes)


Sizes in mm

valved tanks & 0 hole toroidals
RINGT.55 ltr.x600x230
RINGT.60 ltr.x600x250
RINGT.66 ltr.x600x270
RINGT.66 ltr.x600x270
RINGT.58 ltr.x630x225
RINGT.66 ltr.x630x250
RINGT.72 ltr.x630x270
RINGT.61 ltr.x650x220
RINGT.67 ltr.x650x240
RINGT.67 ltr.x650x240
RINGT.77 ltr.x650x270
RINGT.77 ltr.x650x270
RINGT.79 ltr.x720x230
RINGT.83 ltr.x720x240
RINGT.86 ltr.x720x250
RINGT 95 ltr.x720x270
RINGT 102 ltr.x720x300

Vertical Toroidal
Picture to follow


RINGT.MV 49ltr.x600x230 

RINGT.MV 59ltr.x600x270 

RINGT.MV 47ltr.x630x204 

RINGT.MV 60ltr.x630x250 

RINGT.MV 73ltr.x720x230 

RINGT.MV 80ltr.x720x250 

RINGT.MV 88ltr.x720x270
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